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How It's Played

Dartboard Football is a game of offense & defense against yourself. The only competitive part about this game is scoring points against your opponents.

Before Game Begins: Players must agree upon how many rounds will be played in each of the 4 quarters. Either a 3 possession (round) or 5 possession (round) in each quarter. Players then choose who starts.

Standard Rules: Each player is given 4 darts in which to complete 100 yards, no more, no less.

Each Player takes their turn to in an attempt to complete the 100 Yards, each dart represents a down. When 100 yards in completed its a TOUCHDOWN.

Just like in football, the player is allowed to go for the extra point or a two point conversion in which 2 darts attempts are giving.

Extra points are achieved by placing the dart between the field goal posts.

Example: Player throws their 1st dart and hits 50 it would be 50 yards. The second dart they hit a -10 for holding, that player would be at 40 yards. The third dart hits a 30; the player would then be at 70 yards. The final dart ends up hitting another 30; that player would then be at 100 yards and have scored 6-points. The player would then get 2 darts for their two-point conversion or just the extra-point.

End of Second Quarter: Just like in football, there is a half time. In this case, all remain yards at the end of the final round of the second quarter will be erased and players will start with 0 yards at the beginning of the third quarter or second half.

3-Pt Field Goals: Can be made from 60 yards or above; however remaining darts in hand will no longer be usable on that possession (round) for that player.

TD: Automatic touchdown OR two-point conversion; remaining darts in players hand will no longer be usable on that possession (round).

The highest score at the end of the match wins the game.

For Competitive Players: Players who score points and have remaining darts, may continue and attempt to score again. HOWEVER every player will still receive only 2 darts to score either a two-point conversion or extra-point; no matter how many touchdowns have been scored.