How It's Played

Dartboard Football is a game of offense & defense against yourself. The only competitive part about this game is scoring points against your opponents.

Contents in each box: 

  • Standard 18in Dartboard Football
  •   (1) Dry erase scoreboard with (1) dry erase marker
  • (1) Micro-fiber towel for erasing
  • Rule Book
  • (8) Regulation steel tip darts (4-per player)
  • Wall bracket with (3) stabilizers and screws

    How to Play Dartboard Football By: Player Board’s Inc, LLC

    Objective: Beat Your Opponent in Points: Every player will be playing offense and defense against themselves to reach 100 yards to score points; the player with the most points at the end of the game; WINS!

    Each player will play with 4 darts; the darts represent each down in your round or “possession”. (Ex: 1st dart= 1st down, 2nd dart= 2nd down, etc.) 

    Example of “Player 1’s” Round: 1st Dart hit a 50; they would be at 50 yards. The 2nd dart hit a -10 for holding; they would then be at 40 yards. The 3rd dart hit a 30; they would be at 70 yards. The 4th dart hit another 30; “Player 1” would have then scored a touchdown.

    Keeping Score:

    Each quarter will have 3 rounds, making the game 12 total possessions for each player. It is recommended that you have someone by the scoreboard at all times or also called a “Chalker”. Once a Player has reached 100 yards in their round they have scored a Touchdown! That player will then get 2 darts for the extra point or two-point conversion! 

    Examples of Two-Point Conversions: Either 2 darts in the Field Goals, or a Single dart in the Automatic Touchdown “TD”.

    Field Goals: Can be achieved at 60 yards or above placing a dart between the field goal posts labeled “FG”, but the player will give up remaining darts if points are taken.

    No Gain: No adjustment to yards

    Loss of Down: No adjustments to yards

    Incomplete Pass: No adjustments to yards.

    If a player's dart lands on the white line at all, it will be treated as an out-of-bounds line, and incomplete pass.